My Favorite Flashlight

Outdoor Ambassador, Alex G., Reviews the PD20

Of all the Fenix flashlights I’ve owned, I have two favorites – but they’re both the same model. Let me explain:
The Fenix PD20 was my first Fenix light. I had just graduated high school, and I could starting investing into things I was really passionate about, and I had always been interested in flashlights. So I researched for hours and decided to buy a pocket-sized, LED flashlight called the PD20. That flashlight changed my life, and showed me what potential LED flashlights really had. At 180 lumens, it was the brightest flashlight I had ever owned up to that point. I loved the different brightness levels, and the SOS and strobe features. I especially loved the twist-to-dim feature, which allowed me to turn the light on at a dim level, no matter what brightness setting it had been on before.
But then one day, I lost it. It fell out of my car while I was working and I never saw it again. I quickly purchased a replacement, the PD32 UE and that was a great light too – but it never had quite the same feel as the PD20.
I went like that for a year, using my PD32 UE as my EDC, and in the course of time I got engaged and found myself on my wedding day. My wife and I exchanged wedding gifts, and she gave me the best gift I had ever received. Knowing of my love for Fenix lights, she had scoured internet and found something I thought I would never see again – a Fenix PD20.
Now I have my favorite light with me again, but this time it means so much more to me. Not only was it my first Fenix light, but it was a thoughtful gift from my wife on our wedding day. Everything about the light, the compact size, the bright LED, the orange peel reflector, it’s just all perfect. And just like my wife, it never leaves my side. That’s why it’s my favorite flashlight.

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