PD35 Flashlight – My EDC

Outdoor Ambassador, John P., Reviews the PD35 Flashlight

I’ve been using the Fenix PD-35 (960 Lumen version) for a little over 2 years now. I must say, this has been the best all around performing flashlight that I own and it’s now part of my every day carry.

I use this light for everything, whether its camping, hiking or walking the dog at night. The bright beam pattern projects a good distance, while offering very usable up-close spill. Its also bright enough to disorient any would be attackers or stray dog in the area, which I’ve had to use on more than one occasion.

I personally love the 5 different brightness modes to choose from. For only using one 18650,the battery life on the Fenix PD35 is just amazing!



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