LR40R – The True EDC

LR40R – The True EDC

Ambassador Kyle O.

Where do I even begin with what all this light, or should I say tool, is useful for in your EVERY SINGLE DAY (and night) carry….

First off, I take my Fenix LR40R with me everyday. Literally every day. It’s the brightest light I’ve ever seen. It has modes upon modes to fit literally any flood or spot light need, desire, dream, or sneak attack. You name it. It turns night into actual day, make plants grow on the spot (maybe not quite), yet can also provide just the right little glow in those low light situations. My attached photo showcases its nice range of lighting settings for dialing in those nighttime long exposure shots. And the battery lasts for longer than you can stay awake. Almost guaranteed.

You can charge it from your car. The wall. Your laptop. Your second LR40R. Your TV. Ok, it charges via USB. But it also charges your other devices! What?! Yea, hence why it goes everywhere with me. It’s my cell phone (and MacBook) charger.

It’s DURABLE. Like drop it from your hammock. Onto the rocks. From 15ft up. Into a frigid mountain stream. Into the ocean. Into the deep end of a pool. It’s fine, just retrieve, dry off, and continue your day/night as if nothing happened. Heck, it’s not ‘rated’ for it, but take it SCUBA diving at night, I bet it won’t let you down, but surely send the eels and lobsters back into their homes with its 12,000 lumens.

Buy one, you’ll thank me later. Borrow mine if you’d like. You’ll see!

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