LR40R Is An Incredible Tool

I’ve been using the LR40R for search and rescue work for the past three months, and its versatility has kept it in demand from the whole team. It’s 12,000 lumen spotlight sweeps the darkest of canyons, and the floodlight is often used to light up incidence base (I place it in a milk jug as a diffuser). It is bomb proof, and has recharged many cell phones in the field. Team mates are now asking “where’s Steve and his flashlight” on missions. On Christmas Eve I used it to light up the scene for two hikers we shortroped off of an iced mountainside at 10,000 feet. I have to remember to reduce power as to not blind everyone when they get close. All in all the LR40R is well worth its weight (which is negligible when in its holster on my belt) and has become a go-to piece of gear for mission call-outs.

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