LR40R aka, The SUN

When I got an email about this light I decided I HAD to buy it and review it. How could I not? TWELVE THOUSAND LUMENS!

So I get online and they are sold out. I wait a couple of weeks and check every day or 2 and there it is IN STOCK. I place my order on October 23 and it arrives a few days later. Before I opened the shipping box I could already tell just by the weight of the box that this thing was going to be a beast.

I got it out and plugged it in as fast as I could because those precious few seconds would enable me to have access to it a few seconds quicker. It took quite a while for it to charge as in a few hours. No biggie to me it was early in the afternoon and I had to wait several hours to use it.

Night falls and I’m almost pleading for my dogs to go outside so I can use it. I did stick my arm out my back door and turn it on briefly and almost burned the woods down with a quick sweep of the light. I think I heard a rooster crow on the road back behind me about a half mile away during those few seconds.

So a bit later I finally get to go out back and use it and it is just plain dark outside. I live in the country in the middle of 2.5 acres with no street lights or anything. My neighbors are on similar parcels. I crank the floodlight up to the max and it literally lit up almost my entire back yard. It turned it into daytime. With that on I then turned on the spotlight. The power from both nearly sent me on my back. I nearly needed to brace myself against my house for support.

So I am blasting this thing all over turning an acre at a time to daylight with a nice tight ridiculously bright beam in the middle. I decide to see just how far this light travels and I light up my neighbor’s house 2 houses away, or roughly a couple of football fields away. I then directed it across the street at a house even further away across the street and light the side of it up. I was genuinely laughing at this point at the power. Due to living out around some wooded areas I was not able to shine it further but it definitely had more to give.

The “feel” of the light in hand is not cumbersome, awkward, or even heavy. It is nice and balanced and feels and fits perfectly. The 2 buttons, 1 to activate the spot and 1 to activate the flood, are really nice and I like these much better than the 3 buttons on my LD75C. The 2 buttons make it simple. Turn it on and off, at least for me. I like to use everything on Turbo.

Fast forward to November 15, today as I write this. I decided to wait to compose this until the light needed to be charged. I have been using this light for almost 3 weeks, numerous times per night and showing it off to people numerous times and just now it could use a charge! When I bought it I was wondering if I could buy a spare battery pack. Now I realize that would be useless unless I was on Naked and Afraid and decided to take this light.

Here’s how bright this light is. I was telling my neighbor kid across the street about it and telling him to stop over and see it for a couple of nights. He forgot until he was driving home one night and could see that I was using it behind my house!

This would be a great light for any entity that does search and rescue or any individual like me that uses it out back with their dogs to make sure there are no coyotes or anything in their yard. I’m pretty sure I almost cooked a Whitetail Deer the other night out by my pond. He even stopped in amazement. Obviously this isn’t a light to carry on your duty belt or vest carrier, even though it comes with a nice holster, but it would be great for Fire Departments to have on their trucks and PD’s to have in at least 1 cruiser on shift.

I really can’t say enough good about this light. This is by far my favorite “Big” light and my favorite “small” light is the PD25.

It is extremely difficult to capture how bright this light is in a photograph. As in most of my reviews I try to use my back yard for my constant. My back yard is a bit over an acre. The light is brighter than it appears in this photo. I could not capture the entire area it lights up but you get a good idea. You can also see the spotlight in the middle!

If you need a great gift for someone grab this. If the price scares you, use the 20 percent or maybe hold out for a potential Black Friday deal. Grab this and the PD25!

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  • You should pass this on to Roy Huntington of American Handgunner magazine. He also lives in the country and would be more than interested. Thanks for a great report!


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