LR40R – a Beast!

I purchased the LR40R because I could not resist testing any light that claims 12,000 lumens. Upon receiving it, my first impression when opening the box is that this is a quality light. The light fits well in my hand, has a nice hefty feel to it, and seems to be well built. After completely charging the light and reading the directions (yes, it’s worth reading the directions, lots of features you may miss otherwise), I headed out to test it. This thing is a BEAST! I have 2 acres, and back up to a woods and I could see well into the woods with my entire yard lit up better than my 1000 watt halogen work light. The spot beam is like a laser, shining further than you can actually see what it is lighting, and the flood is incredibly bright and wide.

If there is a downside, it is only that the light is too wide to comfortably carry on the belt while walking, etc. It is, however, more than worth it for the features of this light. While driving down my country road, I couldn’t resist and pulled over. I had the high beam headlights on my truck turned on. I held the LR40R out the window and turned it on. I could literally turn off the high beams on my truck and not even notice. This reminded me of the off road led light-bars some people have.

If you’re looking for an EDC light, this is not the one for you. If you want a handheld light that will provide enough light for any situation, then you need this light. Bottom line, I would highly recommend this light.

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