LD30 is the best EDC light

Fenix is the only brand of flashlight that I use.  I have multiple sizes in just about every bag that I own.  From a small E11 to my PD36R. The LD30 is a great balance of size to performance as compared to my other Fenix lights.  It has the features that I love on my PD36R, like rechargeable battery and battery level indicator. But in a smaller form factor.  At an inch shorter and 52 grams lighter with the battery (161g vs 109g). On my long backpacking hikes saving weight is important. I do of course sacrifice run time as compared to the PD36R, but I will gladly give up some run time for the size and weight advantages.

The battery level indicator is a game changer for me.  I own two Fenix lights with that feature. I don’t think I will buy another light that doesn’t have a battery indicator on it.  When I am in the backcountry, knowing how much battery I have left is crucial for my safety. I could of course just carry extra batteries.  But that is extra weight that I don’t want. With a battery indicator, it takes the guesswork out of trying to remember when I charged last. Also, If you start to get low on battery you will be able to kick the light output down a level or two to conserve power.  Without a battery indicator you won’t know you are out of power until it is too late. The LD30 is my new favorite light from Fenix.

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