LD30 A near perfect Combo

The LD30 with the optional 3500mAH battery with the built in charging is a near perfect combination. Bright, rechargeable, durable flashlight.  Ever since the LD22 my EDC has been getting bigger, from the LD22 to the UC35 to the PD36R (also a great light) The LD30 is the smallest light to meet my every need. Keep in mind this isn’t a spot light. It does make a nice spot with ample spill/flood though. The light out put is perfect for working on cars or anything at arms length.  Battery run time seems accurate.  I found myself changing/charging the battery as frequently as my UC35.  I do use my lights a lot for different activities pretty much daily.  I have become accustomed to having a tail cap switch and that feature alone makes this light over the E30R my choice light for a small sized EDC. If you are not one that needs a tail cap the E30R is also a great light. One last thing to note about this light I didn’t think I would like the double sided pocket clip but with the sun setting earlier and my summer projects running long, I was using this light along side my Fenix HL55 to finish siding my house in the dark… well in the light. I attached this light to the brim of my hat and it was every bit as good as my head light. I highly recommend this light to all.




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