LD15R: Great Small Light for EDC

I bought the LD15R because I wanted a small rechargeable for EDC. At first glance it’s very similar to the HM50R, but with a 2 way clip instead of a headband/mount. The right angle and magnetic base are interesting features, and it’s very bright for its size. As an alternative to the right angle lens, the RC09 has similar specs & features (but with less runtime & no red LED). The light comes with a rechargeable battery and a couple accessories (USB charging cable, spare rubber USB switch boot, spare O-ring, holster). The holster is not a belt holster, but a small cinch pouch to protect it from scratches.

The red light is nice to preserve night vision, and the flashing red is good for a bike tail light (although it would not replace my dedicated rear light). The battery indicator allows me to see when I need to recharge, although at low battery levels the light begins to cut off the highest brightness setting. The battery is also replaceable with another 16340 rechargeable, or a CR123A.

fenix ld15r rechargeable flashlight usb rechargeable

The LD15R takes up very little space in my pocket, and the 2 way clip is useful. I noticed that one clip direction (bulb down) is a more secure clip than the other (bulb up). One wish is that the clip could be rotated, so that I could add it to the side of a baseball cap, in order to use it hands free in that location. Another point to note is that some of my existing USB cables (with larger connector heads) will not fit into the port, since the connection is set back into the frame of the headlamp. Obviously the included USB cable works fine, but something to consider before traveling with just 1 cable.

Overall, this light spans the gap between a keychain light (UC02) and a larger pocket flashlight (UC35V2.0), with features that fit between these two types of lights. I’m looking forward to using it for years to come.

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