LD05 V2.0 EDC Penlight with UV Light – The Professional’s Penlight

LD05 V2.0 EDC Penlight with UV Light – The Professional’s Penlight

Ambassador Jonathan K.

I recently purchased the LD05 V2.0 EDC Penlight with UV Light for a light to carry while on the job. I am a professional civil engineer and frequently go to job sites to see the progress of various construction projects. I needed a compact light to carry with me everywhere I go, and what better place to put it than inside my laptop bag! I really liked the penlight’s slim design and clip because it can go right beside my pens, and I wouldn’t have to remember to put it in my pocket each morning. This way, it’s always with me and prevents me from forgetting it at the house.

As far as the functionality and quality of the light – it does not disappoint!

The light has 3 LED lighting modes of 5, 25, and 100 lumens with an additional UV light mode. The brightest mode is great for illuminating smaller darker areas such as inside pipes, inside equipment, and for general everyday use. I wanted to get the light with the UV functionality in case I needed it at some point in the future. I can see it being very useful for medical professionals, first responders, and counterfeit bill detection. In the medical applications it can be very useful from not only the UV standpoint and but also for checking peoples eyes since it is limited to only 100 lumens, which would prevent eye damage.

Fenix has created another fantastic product with features that make it completely unique among other Fenix models!

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