HT18 Awesome for multi-use

HT18 Awesome for multi-use

Ambassador Erik D.

I bought the Fenix HT18 flashlight as a multi role flashlight, for running/hiking as well as SAR work. The first thing I noticed when I got it is that it feels LIGHT, I expected it to feel heavier with its size, especially the width of the head. It’s light enough that it can fit in a running vest pocket, or in my search pack, and barely notice that it’s there. The wide head does make for a little more difficulty in stowing in a running vest, but it fits pretty well in a water bottle pocket and, since I use a hydration bladder, it isn’t taking up a spot that I need for a bottle.

Let’s talk about illumination. This thing is BRIGHT! With the max 1500 lumens, I’ve illuminated entire hallways. The beam is fairly wide, but it fills a gap between a focused spotlight and a serious floodlight. At lower lumen settings, it’s great for close in work, the wide beam means my whole direct work area is illuminated, giving me the lighted space to get things done. Even with the filters on, it provides plenty of light to get the job done. Speaking of filters, the green and red filters snap on easily and are ready to go in seconds.

Handling. This thing is great. Out on a trail run at night, the HT18 work amazingly. I can run holding it and see the path ahead clearly, twists, turns, rocks, roots, I can see it all, making for easier passage. The flashlight handles great, easy aiming while on the run, and it’s easy to hold for longer durations, reading maps, etc…

Overall, the HT18 is an awesome flashlight. The size, weight, and power make for a great light for hitting the trails, for recreation or work. I even take it when my little guy and I are out for night hikes looking for the moon and stars (see the photo). Normally I keep flashlights either in my running vest of my search pack, and they live there. Not my HT18. Until I get a second one, this one lives by the door, so I can grab it and go, for whatever the task at hand is.

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