HT18 aka the Tractor Beam

Well if you are familiar with my reviews you know a couple of things off the bat. One is that I love the PD25, another is that I usually use my backyard as my “constant” for my review photos, and last that my motto is The Brighter the Better!

I waited for the HT18 to be restocked for what seemed like months but was really like a week. I ordered it I believe on a Monday and had it in hand that same week here in Ohio. That’s some pretty impressive shipping for a company. I believe it was in hand in 3 business days.

When I first looked at it the half mile throw and 1500 lumens made my ears perk up and I knew then I had to have this light. I also initially thought it looked to be a pretty large light, possibly even awkward in hand.

Well as usual the light arrives and I can’t wait to get it charging and night falls. I put the battery in and the light is surprisingly very nice in hand. Balanced and just has a really nice feel to it. The switch to go through the levels of light is located in a nice place that you won’t bump accidentally, and ,as I’ve noted previously in other reviews, I’m a big fan of the tail switch to turn a light on and off.

The light comes with a battery and green and red filters. I’m not sure what I’d use either of those for other than to mess with neighbors but they are neat if nothing else. It also comes with a holster and a lanyard. I personally do not use the holsters and always use the lanyards. Just a preference thing.

So back to trying this thing out……I put it into Turbo or what they should call TRACTOR BEAM MODE for this light and sweep it across my back yard a few times and into the woods. If this thing was a laser it would have burned the entire woods to the ground with one sweep. This light is so bright and so focused that I honestly would be scared to shine it in the sky at any planes passing overhead.

If you want a tight bright super long distance powerful beam then this is your light. I have been using it now every night for about 3 weeks and have yet to recharge the battery. Speaking of the battery, it is nice that this comes with an adaptor if you wish to toss an 18650 in there as a spare. Judging from my use of this light you won’t need a spare battery though.

My attached photo for this light is a bit different but actually turned out to be very revealing. I shined the light across the street and on to my neighbor’s house (they weren’t home) late one night and snapped the photo. I took this from my front porch. The orange glow is from my light in front of my house. The neighbor’s house is about 400 feet from mine give or take a little bit. Notice the beam in my photo and how it stands out! This beam simply travels and stays tight like that!

After using this light and seeing all that comes with it I am surprised that it isn’t priced 30-40 dollars higher. Great powerful light!

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