Holy Moly. PD40R V2.0

Holy Moly. PD40R V2.0

Ambassador David D.

I have recently taken up the pastime of 4 seasons Camping, which includes boondocking and camping in all weather including snow. As I was compiling all my gear and I knew I would need a flashlight. I also didn’t want to have to worry about my light, so I knew it would have to be of great quality and brightness, I ended up choosing the Fenix PD40R as my camping light, and having used it for a couple of trips I know I made the right choice. This thing is brighter than I have words for especially comparing it to my past lights. It is also rugged and easy to use. It really takes the stress out of camping… the flashlight portion of camping at least.

My son showed up past dark with his camper and still needed to set up. I was able to shed some light on the situation from my trailer about 75’ away giving him all the light he needed.
Besides the brightness, and quality of the flashlight my favorite features are that it is rechargeable and small in size, about half the length and width of my old light, the battery seems to last for quite a while and doesn’t discharge in-between trips. I charge it once I get home and it is ready to go for the next trip whether it be in a week or a month. The battery easily lasted the 4-8 day camping trips with quite a bit of use. I really came to like the new rotary switch. It is easy to use and it’s a great upgrade to the PD40.

The reason I bought the PD40R was for its features, such as rechargeable, bright, and compact. But, the reason I will buy another Fenix Flashlight is the quality and execution of each feature.

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