HM65R Review

I was hesitant to purchase a headlamp, as I wasn’t sure how useful it would be, but after buying this HM65R, I’m upset that I didn’t give it a try sooner. Headlamps in general are extremely useful for tasks that require both hands. I’ve been using mine for working on cars, welding, and working outdoors. The HM65R is more than you could ever need out of a headlamp.

The features on this headlamp are fantastically thought out. The USB-C charging gets rid of the need to own an external charger, and reduces wear on the O-ring that seals the flashlight’s battery tube. The floodlight has 3 settings which all have their uses. I find myself using the medium brightness since it is bright enough to see everything in medium to close range without being too bright. The flood is the perfect amount of spread for close to medium range. The spotlight is just as bright as my PD35-TAC, and has a very similar beam. This is great with the floodlight at medium to long range, shining light wherever you look. I couldn’t be happier with the HM65R.

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