HM65R Review

HM65R Review

Ambassador Chance F.

This headlamp is the best one I’ve used yet! I mainly use this light for exploring at night, that involves looking for creatures as well as hunting for culinary choice mushrooms. First of all this headlamp is bright and I really like the capability of having the flood and spotlight on at the same time, as lions mane mushrooms can be high up in the trees. The flood light covers a lot of ground and allows sight in a significant portion of your periphery. The battery indicator is also helpful so that I know when I might need to switch out batteries as not to be caught in the dark.

I have dropped this light in a raging flooded creek looking for salamanders and it survived! This light is lightweight and rugged and has stood up to the test! The headlamp also doesn’t seem to get as hot against the head as some of the older models have. As an avid headlamp user you won’t be disappointed in this awesome upgrade!

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