HM65R Rechargeable Headlamp

I Initially bought this model because the specs were similar to the HP15UE, which had proved to be a great headlamp, but I wanted one that had both a high beam and flood option. I ended up using this one a few times in anticipation of it being as powerful out on the trail with my dog team, but it didn’t quite make the cut.

My wife and I have been using it mostly for night time chores around our cabin – chopping wood, feeding dogs etc. She used it as my handler throughout the entire Yukon Quest and loved the different settings. It is has a super low flood which was great when caring for the dogs at checkpoints so you don’t blind them, or any other people walking around. It also has the higher settings which are great for seeing longer distances, but once again not exactly as strong of a beam as the HP15UE.

The life of the battery isn’t super impressive, unless it’s on a really low setting. You could probably get about 12 hours out of that, but not near the specs advertised 24 hours on a higher setting. The USB recharging capability is awesome, but due to the short-term battery life, you definitely want to be close to electricity and not out in the bush with this model.

The USB charging does make it easy to charge in the car if you’re on the road or if you have a small, portable external battery or solar charger.  Really like the headband material and also that it doesn’t have a bulky external battery pack and the rechargeable battery just slides right in behind where the actual light is.  The headband could definitely be bigger for people who have a huge head like me, especially when you wear a thick winter hat!

All is all, this headlamp is good, but has become more of a daily chore lamp and backup for out on the trail.

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