HM65R – Planning for the Unexpected!

HM65R – Planning for the Unexpected!

Considering things don’t always go as planned, the HM65R is a great light to have on hand! I originally bought this light for work, as I was working in the oilfield, my job was 24/7 on call. A lot of times I was working at night, in dim light or no light at all.

When I first received my HM65R, the first thing I noticed was how nice it was! I really shouldn’t be surprised, it is a Fenix after all! Very light weight, and even just on my head, very comfortable. First thing I normally always do is pull out the battery and inspect everything. To my disappointment, I realize the battery doesn’t have a charging port, hmmm how am I going to charge it? After a little further inspection, and reading the manual…I realize it has a USB-C port right on the light itself to charge! Hah, Way better than just a rechargeable battery.

Fast forward a few days, and talking about the unexpected, I was laid off from my Oilfield job. Still knowing how handy a headlamp would be, I throw it in my “Go” bag, so if I need it, it’s there. With the CoronaVirus thing going on, I am at home a lot more than I used to be, so I come up with a new use! Since I am bad about doing things on routine, I found I was watering my garden at night, way more than I had planned…Well good thing I had an easier solution then holding my PD25 in one hand and my watering wand in the other!

I go in and grab my HM65R and it’s time to play (neighbors probably think I am crazy). This light has a ton of light configurations! Using the flood and spot together or just using 1 or the other. I find the easiest, for the garden is Med, on the spot. I can see everything perfectly, and don’t feel like I am blinding the neighbors. When it’s 30 mins at a time, battery life seems to last forever, well who am I joking? I haven’t even had to charge it again yet!

This light will always stay in my GO bag, it is excellent for so many things, just so happens, with my current situation, watering the garden is where it shines for me! (no pun intended) Can’t wait for many years and many uses!

HUGE shout out to Fenix! You folks make excellent products.

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