HM65R is my #1 Companion at Work!!

HM65R is my #1 comapnion at work!!

Ambassador Enrique P.

First and and foremost this headlamp made me stop carrying multiple flashlights at work.  I love the fact that the flood light has a warm tone for ease of use at night and better color recognition than that of the spotlights white color.

Battery life is exceptional. I can usually get through 4 hours on high mode and then if needed I swap batteries and and charge on my external charger. I am never left without light. I work up on poles around 35-50ft up and this light works superb as a flood for close up and then you have the spot light to see over to the next pole or to see if you are walking in the dark.

I have owned other brands of headlamps, but none like this one that has two different light tones and has excellent battery life.

I love the reflective headband that helps with night visibility.

I don’t just use this at work, I use this at home, working on my car and ,many other uses. Fenix you have a true winner on your hands here.

Charge time between uses on the USB-C is pretty quick although I use an external charger to have a battery ready to go as I work 10 hour shifts.

User interface is great, long press to turn on single click to switch brightness modes! Did I mention both lights work in tandem to produce 1400 lumens for quick burst of light! Yeah!

I recommend anyone to check this light out. Don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself and see what I am talking about.

Thanks Fenix!

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