HM65R Headlamp

HM65R Headlamp – The Headlamp That Travels Everywhere!

Survival Ambassador Eric W.

For years, I’ve purchased mediocre equipment to get me through to the next adventure, compromising and limiting my abilities to fully submerse myself in the experience of the wild.

About 5 years ago, I received a Fenix 35R as a gift. It changed the way I looked at lighting up the dark. I began researching, testing and evaluating different lights I had in my arsenal. Comparing my other brand flashlights to the Fenix was nothing short of eye opening.

Enter the HM65R. I purchased the Fenix HM65R about 4 weeks ago and haven’t looked back since. The floodlight and spotlight feature allows you to operate them independent of each other, as well as at the same time. For up-close work on the trails or around camp, its perfect. The spotlight really shines when you need a focused light for longer distances. This headlamp literally travels EVERYWHERE with me.

Fenix Lighting has earned my loyalty. When your adventures, work and life depend on equipment that won’t compromise quality and dependability, look no further than Fenix Lights!

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