HM65R – Bright enough to light up the whole bay

HM65R – Bright enough to light up the whole bay

Ambassador Alex L.

I recently received the HM65R, and could not wait to use and review this gear. First off, It fits nicely, not too tight but fits securely enough to ride a boat, load and load gear, deploy decoy and get ready for the morning. It comes with two light, one that is bright enough to light up the whole bay and another that is just right to get what you need in the boat finished. The illumination buttons are easy to use, however may become a little cumbersome when the weather turns cold and gloves are worn. That just me being nit picky is all. The light comes with a rechargeable battery, which is real convenient as long as you keep up on the charge. I have used it for at least three hunts so far and have not needed to re-charge it yet. Overall this is a great light that really gets you ready and starts the day off right!!!

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