HM61R Versatile is the word!

HM61R Versatile is the word!

Ambassador Polo C.

This is an all around versatile light. Very compact and you can even comfortably carry it in your shirt pocket. I have already used the magnet capability while inspecting electrical equipment, size is barely the size of the battery so it won’t make your hard hat tilt because of the weight. Power untying takes some time to get used to especially at changing modes to red light. The magnetic charger is a welcomed option although the wire is too short to comfortable charge it in the car. Make sure if you are attaching it to your hard hat you order the clips, they greatly help to keep the light steady. This light fulfills several tasks with confidence, I was greatly surprised that it did not get uncomfortably hot while operating for an extended period of time.
If you are in the fence about buying just one premium flashlight I highly encourage you to consider it,

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