HM61R – The headlamp I have been waiting for

HM61R – The headlamp I have been waiting for

Work Ambassador Cody D.

The HM61R is my new favorite headlamp. The brightness is remarkable, run time is impressive and it’s not just a headlamp, it’s a 90 degree flashlight with a magnetic base. I use a headlamp for HVAC, sometimes for hours on end and I found myself adjusting other lights to give me the light I wanted.  The HM61R needed no such adjustments, which was a small nuisance I didn’t notice until I didn’t have to do it anymore. The battery indicator is a nice feature. When you go buy this light ( if you buy it for work) you may want a ARB-L18-3500U to go with. The magnetic charging port is nice but I usually need a new battery and keep working.

The color of the light is nice; on the warmer side so reflective light isn’t blinding if it were to shine on a mirror, or duct or whatever.  I rarely had to use the highest brightness setting because medium or high is plenty most of the time. Turbo/brightest setting is reserved for impressing friends.  While I can typically find something I do not like about a light to let others know about, I have not found one thing about HM61R I dislike. From the headband, to the way the light mounts to the headband, to the pocket clip, the magnetic base, and the light output. it is all what I’ve been looking for in a light. Very good job Fenix.

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