HM61R Review

The HM61R is my personal favorite multi-use flashlight. It has all of the great features you could want: magnetic charging, adjustable high lumen output, red light, a magnetic bottom plate, and a headlamp strap. I have used all of its features and can’t seem to find a single complaint about it.

The light focus is fairly wide and evenly spread, which is great for working in close to mid ranges. In the picture I provided, I’m using the magnetic bottom to attach it to a water heater while I was accessing my water system. The magnetic bottom is plenty strong to attach to most metal surfaces. The head strap is comfortable, yet won’t fall of your head while in uncomfortable positions. Also, the battery life is great and hasn’t ran dead on me while using it.; Overall I think this is a great choice if you only want to purchase one flashlight, or just want to expand your collection.

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