HM61R Like No Headlamp You’ve Ever Used

With recent events involved with the Coronavirus, having a preparedness plan for your loved ones is more important than ever. People are rushing to stock up on the obvious items such as food, water, meds, etc. But one thing a lot of people need to address is lighting, and for that, look no farther than Fenix. They have a full selection of different lights. Anything from lanterns, to weapon lights. A light for every budget and purpose.

I have been testing the HM61R headlamp for awhile now. Used it daily in extremely cold weather wading through swamps doing beaver trapping, as well as many other scenarios. Snow and freezing rain, miles in the mountains, the mud, and water, not once did it let me down. It is an absolute powerhouse, throwing white hot light wherever I needed it. I absolutely love this light. It would make a great addition to any families emergency gear.

Runtimes are good, and I frequently recharged with either USB in vehicle or small solar panel I carried into the field. Super lights are only as good as the battery system they run on and the batteries Fenix uses are great. They last years of almost constant charging cycles. And a majority of lights in their product line run on the same 18650 size battery. They’re affordable, and they even make some with a USB port right in the battery, no charger! Plenty of options to keep your light charged without slowing you down on your adventures.

The HM61R is a great design, an angle head light that straps into a headlamp assy. It is very secure, I never once was concerned it would fall out no matter what weird scenario I’ve used it in. I found it very versatile for many different uses. The magnetic base allows it to be attached to steel nearby for hand free usage. Tradesman will appreciate this light. A clip on the back allows for running off your belt or pack straps. Quick tapping the power button shows you battery levels. Magnetic charging cable lets you charge without disassembling light, then grab and go. I couldn’t find any flaws with this light, and I used it hard.

There is always going to be a percentage of people who complain about pricing, saying a cheaper light does just as well. I respond by telling them to turn their light on, then flood their beam out completely. My Great Grandfather was a frugal man, and his opinion on tools was, buy the best you can afford, or you just spend twice the money when the cheap item breaks. Or go buy the quality one after all. With the life on Fenix LED’s and the extremely solid construction of the bodies, there’s a high probability your great grandchildren could use your lights. Check out the HM61R for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

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