HM61R Detachable Headlamp Review

HM61R Detachable Headlamp Review

Ambassador Caleb W.

Hello all,

In the last three years with the Fenix brand I have found a light that fits every need. My first light was the PD35 Tac filling the need of a solid flashlight around the house. Next was the LD30 for a light with a lot of power, yet small enough to stay in the backpack. Then came the E12 for EDC pocket carry. But there was still a hole in life. With all the work I do in the dark outside, I needed a hands free light and was excited to see what Fenix had to offer. I found the HM61R and I am in love.

One of the first things that stuck out to me has been the same as all my other Fenix lights, that is the craftsmanship. The light feels solid and the band as comfortable as a headband can be. Also like my other Fenix lights this thing is bright with a great beam that captures in my case so far the trails and undercarriage of my truck.

My favorite features and the things that moved me towards this lamp over some of the others is the magnetic bottom and removable light with the clip. THIS HAS COME IN HANDY when I need to keep the light locked in place while I am moving to the next transmission bolt. I haven’t used the clip yet but it would be simple to clip to my backpack while on a hike. I just love the multipurpose capability of this lamp.

Another feature that I was excited for and is neat is the magnetic charging. I know this is pretty much standard on the newer lights, but it is nice to not have to remove the battery to get a charge going. I haven’t used the red light feature as much since it has been winter and outdoor activities have been limited, however I am excited to try it out on some camping trips this summer!

Overall, if you want a light that can do practically it all, the HM61R is the light for you!

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