HM50R USB Headlamp

Three months ago, I purchased an HM50R USB rechargeable headlamp, and I have used it quite a bit in the crawlspaces of my attic where I needed both hands free to maneuver and carry tools. I’ve found the light to shine adequately bright enough to throw a beam the full distance of my attic, and it held its charge at “turbo” power long enough for me to do what I needed to do for the 45-ish minutes at each trek up the ladder. The headband is comfortable, and the ability to rotate the light in its removable holster is very appreciated. If I were to make any recommendation to Fenix, it would be to include a fitted belt clip with the light so that it could be carried outside the headband and in the pocket, or clipped onto a shirt pocket and used that way while working. I would imagine that the additional cost would be well worth it versus the added utility that the light would gain.

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