HL60R Headlamp. Wow!

Got this about a month ago coincidentally right when I was starting to freshen up both of my bathrooms with paint, shiplap, granite, and some new plumbing.

I started painting the one day and was actually using one of my Fenix Lanterns for the tough spots behind the toilets and then recalled I had just bought this light and thought I’d try it while masking and painting.

So I put it on and fire it up and start to paint. What a huge help it was. I wound up wearing it the entire time I painted both rooms. The lamp only needed charged one time during the work on both rooms and that was because I preferred it being very bright.

I will not get to test it out until late June as far as using outside. At that time I will be using it on a small fishing boat in the UP of Michigan. I did put it on and shined it around my property one night. It is unbelievably bright and turns a pretty large area at quite an impressive distance essentially into daylight.

I wanted to note that I wore directly on my head and didn’t experience any discomfort even though I wore it for what I’d call an extended time. It appears that it would stick nicely to a ball cap if you wear them.

Great light. Very useful INSIDE as well as outside! Stepped out back and snapped this pic really quickly on a humid hazy night. I have a large backyard, about 1.5 acres.

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