HL60R Headlamp is Perfect

I’ve been using my HL60R headlamp for search and rescue and night skiing, and it’s been absolutely perfect for my needs. For search and rescue I rarely need it turned to full power at 950 lumens as it’s so bright, but it’s perfect for lighting up a hillside while using binoculars at night. I chose the HL60R in part because of its red LEDs for night vision, and the fact that it uses a rechargeable battery which are fantastic features. For skiing, I do crank it to full power, and can light up a snow field and hazards enough to ski fast. The HL60R is a little heavier than other headlamps I’ve used, but feels fine on climbing and ski helmets, and is much easier to use, even with gloves. All in all a go-to mission flashlight, not just a headlamp.

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