HL55… Its been through a lot.

From showering in the dark to changing light bulbs the HL55 has been my go to light when my hands will be busy. As a handy man, mechanic and outdoors man I can say I love this headlight. Let’s get my one gripe out of the way – the light will not stay on the highest setting it will downshift after 30 seconds. The reason I still love it is I very rarely need 900 lumens from my head. The medium or high setting is plenty for a mechanic or handyman. It does have a spring for the tail cap and the positive battery connection which protects it in the event of a fall. You are able to use flat top and button top batteries with the springs also another big plus for me. Of course make sure you are using approved batteries for the light. I have showered with it, responded to car accidents at night time, warded off raccoons, replaced many clutches and motor swaps as well as routine maintenance with this light. One more thing to consider that you might not notice unless it’s pointed out. This light is a neutral white light compared to a bright white. I like the neutral light better for working on cars because when the light hits something reflective its less bothersome than a bright white light to my eyes. Conclusion: a great headlight from Fenix for anyone working with their hands.

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