High Expectations surpassed with the HP15UE!

I’ve relied on Fenix headlamps for years, and I continue to beat the daylights out of each unit simply by doing what I do. My black bear hunting/guiding and often, night time tracking is probably as intense as it gets, and my safety and livelihood relies on my headlight. Other gear may fail, but if my headlight quits, I’m in trouble. Recently I purchased two of the HP15UE model Fenix headlamps to replace my 10 year old Fenix units (that still worked!) The only issue I had with my older units was that the elastic finally gave way on the head strap, and one I had stored with the AA batteries in it, and they corroded. Throughout our hunting season, I put this unit to the test! The brightness, ease of light adjustment, and angle adjustment is perfect for what I need. It always tracks where I need it The wide illumination range is greatly relied on, especially tracking a potentially angry bear at night. I tend to stick to the units that take AA batteries so that I can swap out fresh batteries as needed. One particular night we tracked a bear for over 8 hours at full illumination. It was nice to be able to freshen up the batteries as the night wore on. Most recently, during the long Maine winter, I’ve guided night time ice fishing for cusk, a sort of fresh water cod. In the pitch black, my HP15UE lights up the lake and helps to keep my clients from stepping in a hole, and lights up our gear better than any light I’ve used. Check out my article and additional photos for more information.




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