Go Anywhere, Do Anything, PD25

Go Anywhere, Do Anything, PD25

Ambassador Chase L.

The PD25 is a light that is an excellent balance of size, power and usability, making it a premier option for daily carry.

I choose to carry a light and pocket knife everyday because I find a ton of value in both, not that I need to fight off hordes of attackers or crawl my way through a haunted forest every night, but many simple everyday tasks are made easier with the proper tools. The PD25 is small and so doesn’t take up very much pocket space, but when you drop something between the center console and the seat of your car – the PD25 is right there to help you find it. When you get home late at night and need to take the trash down to the street, the PD25 is there to make sure you don’t roll an ankle. I can honestly say that I use my flashlight three to ten times a day and that the majority of those uses save me from needing to find another solution to a problem – that math works out so that every morning, I am happy to put my PD25 into my pocket.

On a more technical side, the light is 3.7″ long which fits great into my medium sized hands, but doesn’t hog all my pocket space. But, despite it’s compact size, the PD25 can emit 550 lumens in Turbo Mode. That is BRIGHT and for such a diminutive package, makes having a larger light mostly unnecessary for daily tasks. That being said, I normally use the light on Medium Mode giving me a bright 150 lumens that won’t make me see spots when I turn it on in close quarters. Another feature I like is the mode selection, you can shallow-press the tail cap switch for momentary on, or deep-press the tail cap switch for constant on. Once the light is on, press the silver (steel) side switch and cycle through mode selection, this selection is easy, fast and helpful. Then, when you turn the light off, it will turn on the next time in whatever mode you had last selected – no need to cycle through again unless you want a different power level. Perfect. This light also has an IPX-8 rating (an independent rating of dust and water incursion into the light) which is really an under appreciated feature. This light can roll around in dust or get dropped in water and come out entirely unaffected. That security is worth a lot in a daily carry light because no matter what comes at you, your Fenix flashlight is going to come through for you – only pack tools that you can trust.

All in all, the PD25 is rock solid in build, design and features and it is easy to have on you at all times. Whether you are an average person looking for a daily carry lighting tool, an outdoor enthusiast looking for a light you can trust, or even a law enforcement/military professional looking for a backup light, I can easily recommend that you pickup a PD25. You really will be glad that you did,

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