Fenix UC35 Version 2

I bought the Fenix UC35 Version 2 recently and have so far been impressed. I also own the 2014 Fenix PD35 and see the UC35 V2 having the same quality build and durability. As a Firefighter/Paramedic I carry this flashlight on me every shift. We never know what situations we will be walking into. So often, we find ourselves in poorly lit homes and need extra light. This pocket size UC35 is perfect for the job. It allows me to carry in all my medical equipment and not have to carry in a large clumsy portable flashlight. Additionally, the light output (lumens) is incredible. Point your beam into the ceiling and you light up your while room. The recharge aspect of this flashlight is a huge upgrade. Simply plugging in your flashlight with a USB cord makes it way quicker and more efficient. I’d highly recommend this flashlight to anyone.

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