Fenix TK30 White Laser Flashlight

Fenix TK30 White Laser Flashlight

Ambassador Jason H.

I’ve been using the new Fenix TK30 flashlight for a couple of months now.  I can honestly say this flashlight is a unique blend of cool, impressive and functional.

I originally purchased this light for private security use which it worked very well for. Working in large crowds in low light and having to see or pickup details off people is where this light really shines (pun intended). What I mean by this is due to the insanely tight beam, the light you get really illuminates and exposed finer details of what you are pointing at, especially at longer distances.

Shining this light at a group of people, you can not only clearly see that they are holding something but you can make out what they are holding, unlike most other lights. You can also do this without shining it in people’s eyes. The beam is so fine that at 30 yards I can point the light at people’s legs and see basically from their waistline to their feet, giving me a clear view of what they are carrying, clothing description, and other details.

I’ve also had time to use the TK30 pretty extensively for outdoor and camping use during the last couple of months. I was Overlanding through a few different states and was camping outside of Zion National Park in Utah and wanted to check out some areas at night. This light allowed me to check much farther ahead on trails to check for issues or things I wanted to get a closer look at saving me time and effort.


The TK30 is has a great and simple design and functionality. This light has 3 settings; high, low, and strobe which is perfect for this lights application.

Comes with the larger 5,000mAh 21700 battery with the built-in USB-C charge port. This battery has quickly become my favorite battery over the 123a and 18650s by offering better run times on my lights.

I also got a chance to weapon mount this light for a few weeks.  It would work great for some applications, but not for most tactical weapon-mounted lighting needs. I found when using it at longer distances it illuminated targets super clearly and again showing greater detail of your target. At 300 yards I could clearly make out my target, the color of the target body, and more. Because of this, it would make an excellent light for hog and coyote hunters.  I found this light was not a good option for building clearing. Because of its tight beam, clearing a building someone could be standing several feet to the side of the light beam and you wouldn’t even see them. There is nearly no spill, but offers an insanely good hotspot.

One thing I love is showing this light off at night, especially to flashlight people. They hear it’s only 500 lumens and almost dismiss it then and there. Then I usually ask them to shine whatever flashlight they have and they talk about how it’s some really high lumen output light and then ask them to shine it at something far away. You usually will be able to see a slight illumination of what they’re shining it at, then I turn my TK30 on which just completely overpowers their light and shocks them with how bright it is at distance.


This flashlight isn’t going to be the perfect light for everyone.  But if you need a compact thrower which gives you an incredible hotspot at distance, this light is a winner.

Compact for a thrower
Incredible beam
Very clear hotspot
Comes with everything you need
Impressive throw
Lack of spill*

Lack of spill (it’s a pro and a con depending on your application).

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