Fenix TK30 Laser Light

Ordered this light as soon as I was able to do so. As usual, Fenix Lighting had it to me in Ohio in a matter of 2 or 3 days. As usual I got it plugged in and charged so I could be ready for nightfall.

This light comes with the 21700, 5000mAh newest battery and it must be charged via the included usb. Having to take the battery out doesn’t matter to me. I let it fully charge and have been goofing off with it here and there at night for about 2 weeks and it is still running strong and the battery meter is still on solid Green or at least 85% on the handy meter on the side switch. Love this feature on the lights. I also really like this new, more powerful battery. It’s a real powerhouse.

So I take this out back to my normal testing grounds, my back yard from my deck while my dogs are out. I turn this thing on and man would Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker be jealous. The only thing lacking was the sound of a lightsaber and the ability to literally cut right through things. What an incredibly tight beam. So then I turned my attention to some of my neighbor’s homes, specifically the furthest one I can see that is up the road probably about 1/4 mile. I hit her house with it and the beam was of course larger than it was out back hitting a woods 100′ or so away but it was still tight and nothing like shining a PD36 or anything even close.


One thing I did have to be very careful of was not to shine this at my dogs when out back and to turn it off when an occasional car was passing by out front and I was playing with it out across the field and further. This is not a toy and should not be left out for a child to have access to and you should never shine it at anyone.

The “feel” of the light is great. It’s very similar in size to the PD36. It has my favorite tail switch and you have 2 power modes to choose from (I go big or go home so 1 if you’re me). It also has a nice sturdy clip for a pocket or vest carrier as well as a holster if you want to use it on a duty belt. It could also be attached to a rifle if you’d like.

This would be more of a specialized tactical light and not something to use on traffic stops or while directing traffic. It could be used instead of a spotlight on a cruiser as it outperforms any spotlight I have ever used for distance. It could also be a great light for survivalists to take with them on adventures. You could probably alert the International Space Station with this thing but a lower flying aircraft such as a search plane would see this thing immediately. Note, I am not saying to go and shine this at aircraft. This would be only in an actual emergency as I have explained.

It has quite a few uses but as I’ve explained and you should be able to glean from Fenix Lighting’s description of the light it’s not your normal around the house every day use kind of light and could potentially be dangerous if used improperly.

I’ve taken a few pictures. The first one that you will see is a rather awful photo but it’s not so awful when I explain what it is. It was taken from my front porch across an open field, across a 2 lane road, and across a 5 lane state highway. In other words the large garage that the TK30 is casting a remarkably tight beam upon is OVER 1/2 MILE away from me.


The other photos are pretty good shots of the beam, one of which is directed on my neighbor’s house across the street that is 5-600 feet away. Another shot is the TK30 laying beside the HT18 aimed towards the same house. Last but not least there is a daytime photo of the large garage from my front porch!


If you decide to buy this you won’t be disappointed! Just remember it is not a toy and to be smart with it!

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