Fenix TK30 Laser Flashlight

Fenix TK30 Laser Flashlight

Ambassador John F.

Fenix has done it again. They have brought more innovation to their lineup of already impressive lighting. The TK30 is a new era in illumination that has only been seen by few. It brings distance of a beam to levels that require magnification to be able to see it’s farthest reach. The specs show a 3/4 mile range, and it does not dissapoint. It is defiantly a niche light that not everyone will find a use for, however its ability is nothing short of jaw dropping. The beam of the light is a very tight, very long range beam with absolutely no spill. Its small size makes it very portable and easy to keep with you. Don’t let the lumen numbers fool you. While they may seem low compared to a LED light, the output is far superior.

I have found a plethora of uses for the TK30. While a tight spot beam my not always be desirable, I have found it to be indispensable in searching through the woods in the dark. Driving in off road trails at midnight with tired eyes, the TK30 let me penetrate through the trees and brush to look for suitable clearings to set up for the night. I have used to to search fields for wildlife, look down mountain sides for trail entrances on 4 wheelers, and even as probably my favorite weapon light. Runtimes are good too. With putting the TK30 to work and also just simply playing with the light, I have yet to run the battery dead on the duration of an outing.

For my taste, the button layout is top notch. I like having my mode and power buttons separate, and that it has a memory to keep it on where Ieft it. I would struggle to have anything bad to say about this light. It checks all the boxes for me as a flashlight enthusiast, and leaves me nothing to desire. I’ve compared this laser to the HT18, the TK47, and the LR40R. All of these lights offer a fantastic long range beam. The TK30 clearly projects a tighter, no spill beam, with plenty of visibility. A close second is the HT18 boasting a very comparable long range beam, but with plenty of spill around it. The LR40R does hold its own and all of these lights are quite impressive on the high end scale of lighting, which Fenix has clearly dominated the market on.


TK30 laser, showing how far it can go! I wish the photo could better represent how far this actually is!


Another TK30 shot. It’s very hard to get a photo showing how cool that beam is!


                                                                                                                 Another TK30 shot. Hard to tell how far away that beam is! Used a HM65R to
illuminate the area to get the shot!


Here is a TK30 and a HT18 at the same time. The top beam is the TK30, bottom is the HT18. You can really see how amazing the
HT18 is on its spot beam, and still having a killer spill.

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