Fenix TK20R Flashlight Review by Fire/Rescue Ambassador

TK20R Rechargeable Flashlight Review by Andrew H.


Andrew H

As a new Fire/Rescue Ambassador for Fenix, this is my first review of one of their flashlights. My EDC flashlight while on duty is the Fenix PD22, but I’ve worn the TK20R light for the past several shifts to try it out.

My first impression upon opening the box is that the light feels like a Fenix. It’s solid, well built, and it has an overall good feel to it. Fenix has been the only flashlight I’ve used on duty for almost 7 years now, so I know what I’m getting with Fenix.

One variation from my usual PD22 to the TK20R was the change from a rubber mode button on the side to a small round metal one. I like that when you turn the TK20R on there’s a quick red or green light around that button to give you a rough idea of how much battery life is left, but I missed the rubbery tactile feel of the mode button on my PD22. I feel the older style rubber button was quicker and easier to find without looking at the light. I found myself spinning the TK20R around a few times before finding the mode button.

One thing I love about this light is the ability to recharge the light without having to take the battery out. Simply connect a micro USB cable to it, and the mode button lights up red to let you know it’s charging. When it’s all done, the light turns green. I charged this light at the end of my last shift and left the light for 7 days without using it. I plugged it in to see if it needed recharging, and as soon as I plugged it in, the light flashed red, then right to green. So to me, it means the battery held a full charge for a full week without losing any power.

When it comes to brightness, the TK20R doesn’t disappoint. With a max lumen output of 210 with my PD22, upgrading to 1000 lumens was impressive to say the least. When conducting inspections, having the added output of the TK20R was refreshing. Simple things like locating house numbers at night and inspecting the inside of commercial stove vent hoods was much easier using this flashlight.

The flashlight has a ring around the center that prevents the light from rolling, but it can also be used as a tactical light – holding the light between your index and middle finger while pushing the power button with your thumb. One of the guys on my group is a medic on a SWAT team, and he liked that option of the light. I also found that this ring would sometimes catch the holster when trying to get the light out. It took a dozen or so uses to get used to it. I also took the removable belt clip off the light as I didn’t need it, and found it also got in the way in the holster.

Overall, I love the TK20R. After almost 3 weeks of using it on duty, I’ll probably go back to my PD22 just because of the size. I’ll keep the TK20R charged and ready to go, but I found it to be a little too big for my liking to be used as an EDC flashlight. The TK20R definitely has a use for me at the fire station, but it might not be on my belt at all times. Would I recommend this light? Absolutely.

Andrew H

Andrew H.

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