Fenix TK 47UE – The MacGyver light!

One of the greatest characteristics of Fenix lights is their meticulous attention to detail. The design, the fit, and the function speak volumes about the quality of their flashlights. The problem I usually have is, “which flashlight should I purchase,” since all of their lights are top-notch in quality. A question I usually ask when browsing for a new light revolves around the use of the light. In other words, what will I be using this light for? Is it going to be used every day, once a week, or, once a month? Will it be in the holster on my belt, or in my pocket? Do I need a super high capacity battery like a Fenix 18650 or 21700 battery? Is there a chance the light will get soaked in the rain? Answering these questions is a great beginning point in the search of a new light.

A little backstory on why I purchased the Fenix TK47UE. I own about ten Fenix lights and each one serves a very specific purpose. For instance, I have a few Fenix headlamps for camping and general work around the house at night. I have the Fenix PD36R as my EDC (Every Day Carry) light. I have a Fenix TK26R attached to an emergency prep kit. The Fenix LD30 is tiny enough to carry to work when I have to wear a suit and tie. Hopefully, that helps you understand how a flashlight can be very specific in what it’s used for, at least in my way of life.

My family and I go for long walks throughout the week, sometimes down unmarked roads close to where we live. This helps us to get outdoors and exercise and enjoy the fresh air. Up until I bought the TK47UE, I had been carrying a few lights with me, like the Fenix LD15R, which has a red light that can flash to signal drivers ahead of time. I’ve also been using the Fenix HM61R headlamp as a handheld light to also signal drivers. We began to have a problem of carrying too many lights with us just to do one task. I began to wonder if there was a light that could solve our problem and serve as dual-purpose for walking, eliminating the need to carry multiple lights. I was on Fenix’s website a few months ago and came across the TK47UE and decided to read up on it. At first, I wasn’t too sure if it would serve a purpose in my life but then I saw it has a light on both ends. To be honest, I thought it was kind of a weird design at first but then I thought it might work perfectly for our walks. So, I ordered the light along with a few spare Fenix 18650 batteries. As usual, Fenix ships at blazing fast speeds, so it was at my doorstep within a few days. We decided to go for a walk that evening to test the light and sure enough, it met the need we had, which is to have a single light that can illuminate the way in front of us, while signaling motorists that come up from behind. We have the option on the tail cap light to use white light, or red light while setting the red to flash. The flashing red easily grabs the motorist’s attention. We can hear them slowing down long before they get to us. This is exactly what we were hoping for. We even had one motorist slow down long enough to ask where we bought the light. I sent them to Fenix Lighting USA since they are the #1 source for everything Fenix related.

On a side note, there are many applications this light could be used in. More than I could ever list here. It would be great for the military, police, fire departments, you name it. I have a few buddies who said it would be the ultimate truck light. We found it met our needs completely for what we were looking for in a light to take walking. What will you use it for? The possibilities are endless. The Fenix TK47UE is a genius light on all levels. It’s easy to use, super-bright, super tough, long-lasting battery, multi-purpose, and ultra-reliable. This is the MacGyver of lights as it “solves many problems.”

– Justin

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