“Fenix Product UC02 Review”

Picked up the Fenix UC02 when it first came out.  I wanted a small light that could be carried on my keys or in my pocket that would be a back up to my main light.

It is a great light for a few reasons: durability, water resistance, size and the fact its rechargeable but you can replace the battery when needed.  It has two modes and is very easy to operate.  Just twist it on and it its on low tighten it a little more its on high mode.  Only problem I experienced is if you overtighten it, it turns off.  Puts out a good amount of light, easy to navigate a dark room with it and look for things in a dark car.  I like that it has an LED indicator that turns green when its fully charged.  Being rechargeable is a plus because you can get a micro usb cable and keep it in the car to charge it.

Overall its a great little light and for its intended use it does it well.

Initial Video Review:

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