Fenix Product E30R Review

The Fenix E30R is the perfect Every Day Carry (EDC) flashlight. Being around 3 inches long, it fits great in your pocket and is barely noticeable. While it is small, it packs quite the punch. The lowest setting is bright enough to see what you’re doing in the dark, while the highest setting will bring back daylight to whatever you point it at. If you can settle for anything larger than a penlight, this is the light for you.

The Fenix E30R is built to last. The first time you handle this light, you will instantly notice the build quality. The weight is a first giveaway that this light will handle the use and abuse an EDC light is expected to handle. The finish is also tough enough to not easily scratch. I’ve dropped mine a few times and have it constantly against my EDC knife with only a couple scratches to show. This light is perfect for carrying anywhere you go, whether it’s out for a night walk, hunting, fishing, camping, etc.

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