Fenix Product E30R Review

This flashlight is a real nice EDC (every day carry) that uses an 18650 battery. Because of the battery size, there are limits to how small it can be designed. That being said, it is a nice small flashlight (under 4 inches long by .80 inches. The head diameter is 1 inch) The 18650 gives the light reasonable run times. The 5 lighting levels are nicely spaced out. I did NOT notice a lot of heat, except at the Turbo level. The heat at Turbo was mostly manageable.

The beam pattern was a good all around pattern. Not too spotlight, not too floodlight. If you do not need the smallest possible EDC, this makes a very nice flashlight.

The light does not remember the last light level used, when turned off. It simply cycles from low to high each time. There is NOT a magnet in tail end. It can tail stand. The time to charge fully seemed reasonable. There is a light which shows the approximate level of charge, when first turned on.

After I purchased this light, Fenix came out with the LD30. The LD30 is very similar to the E30R but it has a tail switch, a different clip, and a SOS. It does NOT have the ability to charge the battery while in the flashlight. The LD30 is a bit bigger than the E30R.  Overall, I am happy with the E30R. For me, it is designed just about right.

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