Fenix Product E18R Review

I own a LOT of Fenix lights. I had one for every occasion except for limited use on a baseball cap. I wear a baseball cap every day for work and although I always have an LD20 on me, sometimes I need my hands free for an hour or so to do some random task.

Enter the E18R, it fits my hat perfect, it doesn’t cause it to fall down and provides honestly more light then I need, even on high for much longer then I will ever need in a single event.

Does it replace a headlamp? No, not completely, that’s not its point for me. If I need strong light for 8 hours I’m grabbing either my HP11 or HP30R. But when you need something in your backpack with you everyday that weighs nothing and can full charge in less then 3 hours off any usb port, it makes it a no brainier. The electronic lockout makes sure the light is never dead from accidental turn on’s and by adding the 750 Lumen burst mode even with its limited run time, gives it enough power to really replace most people’s everyday flash light. And the best part…it’s shorter then most people’s finger…

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