Fenix PD35

Had the opportunity to buy Fenix’s latest PD35 for my brother-in-law because he had fallen in love with my 2014 version. Prior to handing this puppy over to him, I was able to check it out. Here are a few highlights. This light is bright! How bright? 1000 lumens bright! Yet it is so small. It fits perfectly in a pocket. I love the durability. I own the 2014 version and love that Fenix has continued making this awesome flashlight. One big change that I think is great, is the green little light on the “brightness setting button.” When you turn your flashlight on, this green light will give you a glimpse as to how much life you have left in your battery. This is super helpful when compared to the 2014 version of the PD35. This little light will blink and turn red when the battery is nearly empty. I’d highly recommend this flashlight as your go to for just about any job. Here is a link to the product: https://www.fenixlighting.com/product/pd35-fenix-flashlight/


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