Fenix PD35 Flashlight Review from Hunting Ambassador

Hunting Ambassador, Peter H., Reviews the PD35 Flashlight

The PD35 Flashlight is the light that hooked me on Fenix products. I have always had a thing for bright lights
In the right scenario they can save your life, In general they are just convenient. Over the years I’ve had many different brands. But they all came up short in different ways. Some ate batteries like it was going out of style, others simply were unreliable or cheaply built. Then, one fateful day I stumbled across Fenix lights while looking for a better option. I ordered a PD35. The Fenix PD35 is a glorious example of everything a superlight should be. Super bright Cree Led cuts through the darkest nights.


Since that day I bought the light, it’s rarely left my side. It has become a must have item. So when I lost it in the woods running my trapline, I was quite angry with myself. It was only the following fall I found it. After spending a really rough winter, a rainy spring and a blazing summer outside, the PD35 turned on with no hesitation. Honestly the light looked like I had dropped it that morning. Even better still the batteries still lasted a normal cycle of usage. That is the sort of rugged dependability you can expect from Fenix lights. This season I purchased the 2600 mAh Fenix rechargable battery for this. That made me even happier with an already amazing product. I recommend the combination to anyone thinking about purchasing a Fenix flashlight. You will not be disappointed in the slightest.


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