Fenix PD32 Review for Hunting

I have many Fenix lights and headlamps but in my opinion the PD32 takes the cake. It’s slightly smaller than any of the PD35 versions, it’s almost as bright, just as durable and unlike the PD35 2014 and PD35 2.0, it has scalloped bezels for the aggressive look and EDC/self defense purpose.

Being an avid outdoorsman of all sorts, but mainly a hunter, my light cannot let me down. It is carried afield always and has never let me down. I also work in the IT profession and the PD32 is in my back pocket every day for the dark server rooms.

I paired this light with the USB rechargeable Fenix ARB-L18-3500U18650 battery and it’s a force to be reckoned with in the dark.

I recommend this light to all of my friends and family and to you also!

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  • The best flashlight I have ever owned. I have carried it with me to Alaska, Arizona, China, and Inner Mongolia. It has always performed flawlessly. Everyone should have at least one!


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