Fenix LR40R – Almost the Perfect Flashlight for Searching!

This is a fantastic flashlight for searching. If you lost your keys or your wallet in the forest at night, this flashlight would be most valuable. I would say, if you would be able to find them during daylight hours, the chances would be very good to find them at night with this flashlight. It is that good. However, you would probably need to have an idea where you lost them, within several hundred yards. The only limiting factor would be the amount of time the flashlight needed to be lit up because of battery usage.

The only very small fault I found with the flashlight has to do with its SOS signal. I have an amateur radio license, and I would say the SOS code it sends out is a little sloppily sent. I think someone could tell it was an SOS, but I would expect perfectly formed characters and spacing of the characters.

When you turn the flashlight on the first time and get to turbo with the floodlight and spotlight, I am sure you will think……Wow, Wow, Wow. It is very, very impressive.

The size of the light is not a problem. For its ability, it is quite small. It is a little heavy but you are essentially carrying four 18650 batteries in the handle.

If you do not need the “light of the sun” (really, who doesn’t) this might be too much flashlight for you. The TK35UE-2018 Version might be a better choice, if you do not need all the lumens and want to save some money.

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