Fenix LR40R a Powerhouse of a Flashlight!

This is one seriously powerful flashlight. I didn’t even think it was possible to pack this much power into a handheld device! I took the LR40R for a test run on a herping (searching to find reptiles and amphibians) trip to Arizona in August. The first night we went out I tried the turbo mode on some mountainside snake searching, this flashlight lit up the entire mountainside! We stopped to gaze upon the sunset and I found our first, and highly prized target of the trip, the Arizona Black Rattlesnake. After taking photos and letting the snake be on its way we proceeded to find more snakes up the mountain. The LR40R does get a little hot on the hands after about 20 minutes of use, especially on hot desert nights. It also functions as a battery pack for charging other devices from the USB port on the side. The battery life is also amazing, I used it on and off all night in combination with my HP25R headlamp. Would highly recommend this flashlight to anyone who needs high output and versatility.



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