Fenix LD30

I have purchased 5 Fenix flashlights since 2014 for myself and 3 as gifts. All of them work perfectly to this day.

This LD30 is no exception. The quality is excellent. This is not only the smallest light I’ve purchased but the brightest.

Why do I keep buying this brand? I have unfortunately tried another brand for a headlamp. Although it was expensive, the switch is defective and the battery goes dead when it’s off!

But every Fenix light has been perfect. The LD30 is not only brighter, but is designed well. It’s the perfect size for EDC in the pocket or clipped on. It’s not too small to handle well, but small enough not to be a big weight in your pocket.

Over the years, the switch functions have improved too. The tailcap switch feels and works well and the side button is easier to find without looking for it than the old rubber one.

I would certainly recommend this light over anything else like this out there. Yes, there are smaller lights, but not as bright and not as easy to handle. There are more expensive lights by others, but why would you buy that when it is not possible for it to work better than this Fenix?

You can see from the lint on the light in the picture that this rides in my pocket a lot! I would never go out at night without it!

My other Fenix lights are by my recliner in the living room, on the nightstand, in the glove box and on a shotgun. All where I need them and ready to go.

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