Fenix LD11 Review

Tactical Ambassador, Erik W., Reviews the LD11

It’s certainly hard to check all the boxes when looking for an EDC light that can also hold up to field ops and pocket carry. I spent some time seeking high and low for just the right light that covers all my bases but more importantly something I would use in different​ scenarios. The LD 11 has it all. At a size that is pocketable, a weight that’s hardly noticeable and tail cap activation you will not find a more feature packed light.

With a blistering 300 lumens it will meet most tasks well and at just under 4in it fits just right in the hand leaving a comfortable grip as well as access to the defensive bezel should you need it to fend of attackers. While not advertised the pocket clip can be reversed to clip onto a hat for hands free operation. The other if standout for me was the dual fuel, no need to carry extra batteries or crazy chargers around, and in a pinch a regular lithium ion will back you up. All that at a reasonable price point? I doubt a better defensive EDC light exists.

erik w

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