Fenix HM65R review

Fenix HM65R review

Fishing Ambassador, Josh R.

I have always been one of those people who buy the cheap headlamps. If it breaks, it breaks! Go out and buy a new one. I finally decided it was time to spend some money on a high quality headlamp. I purchased the HM65R and wow am I impressed with it! By far the best purchase I have made in a while! Affordable and doesn’t break the bank!

The HM65R is comfortable to wear! The rubber coating head band makes it not slide around and fall off! Unlike any other headlamp I have used, this one stays in place. The battery life on it is awesome! It last forever! I do not miss having to change batteries after running one for 4 hours in the cold and wet! The multiple variances on brightness is mind blowing! I have never owned one that just lights up the dark bright as can be!

Overall, I highly recommend the HM65R. Whether you are fishing, hunting, hiking or working in tight quarters and need a light, this is the light for your needs! Hands down!

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