Fenix HM65R Rechargeable Headlamp

My first opinion when opening the package is that this is definitely NOT the normal headlamp I have used. The light feels well built, fits snugly and comfortably. I charged the light and read the short instructions (yup, it’s worth reading them to know the functions of the switches/lockout/battery indicator, etc).

I took this out at night and (of course) tried the brightest functions – it’s bright! I cannot imagine any normal situation where you would want more light from a headlamp. The spot feature shines way down the trail, while the flood is great for lighting large areas in the woods (or campsite). After having it for some time, I really like the low output flood as well. It’s enough to see around the campsite or while walking a trail, without being blindingly bright to yourself or others.

I would like to comment on the battery life, but I haven’t had to recharge it yet! Overall, this is a great headlamp, and I would highly recommend it to anyone from campers, to people who just have to work in the dark, to serious hikers. This one will be staying in my truck, so it’s ready when I need it.

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